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Well, I'm a bit odd. I love writing so much...especially x reader.
I have accounts on Wattpad,, Quotev, Lunaescence, and clearly Deviantart.
I am a terrible I write.

I take writing requests! If you look in my favorites you can see if the fandom you want me to write in is in there. If it is, 9/10 I will be able to write you something in that.


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Photoshop Elf by FeliciaVargas010
Photoshop Elf
I needed an elf for an rp character I was making, so I photoshopped somebody who already had elf ears to fit my character. I do not own the original picture, nor have I done anything useful.
You know, I have always heard of people who deny the Holocaust happened, but to be completely honest I didn't actually think they existed. Unfortunately I have been naive in that matter. I was looking up information on Elie Wiesel, and I happened across a website that shocked me. It talked about how Elie Wiesel was conning the world, and he was a liar. The person who runs the website admitted to being a Holocaust denier! That honestly sickens me.
All this evidence, all this proof that these terrible things happened, and people still want to deny them. Why? Because such a terrible thing couldn't have happened? Because you don't want to believe that Nazis were all that bad? Because you are German and you know that your people could never do anything so terrible? Or is it because you don't like the Jewish people and you believe they are so evil they came up with this scheme to get money and sympathy from the world.
I don't know. I don't care. Anyone who denies a piece of history ever happened, especially one so terrible, are less than the bugs I squash under neath my feet.
If this offends someone, get off my watchers list. (Unless you are German and feel that I was attacking your people up there. I did not mean that all Germans at the time were Nazis or supported it. Do not take it that way. This is for people who deny the deaths of 6 million human beings.)
 Serena Lunar, age 18, sat in her family's large and well protected garden. As the next in line to be the don of the Lunar family, she was well protected by others. As unusual as it was for a female to be an heir, there was not one person who would dare question her father. Her father, while not quick to anger under normal circumstances, was not an enemy you would wish to have.
People did, however, talk. They wondered why she was chosen, and not merely married off. Those questions were put to rest upon meeting her. This girl had plenty of untapped potential. She had a bright mind, and was unsentimental when deciding when and how an objective was to be completed. However, when the matter became personal she had a bad habit of forgetting to look at the bigger picture. A habit, the family hoped, that would fade with age.
After a few moments of complete silence, the silver haired golden eyes girl stood up and began checking her surroundings to see if anyone was watching her. When she was satisfied she slipped a hidden dagger out of her tall boots and took one, two, three cautious slashes at the air. This was a new dagger, and a tad bit less evenly balanced than what she was used to. After those 3 slashes were completed, it was like a switch had been thrown, launching her into battle mode. She executed a graceful sequence of flips, jabs, spins, jumps, stabs and slashes, successfully dispatching of her invisible, non-existent enemies. Serena had to pay careful attention to her surroundings, because if her father or any of his subordinates, (who were therefore her subordinates as well,) caught her, the outcome would not be pleasant.
Her father had always taught her that she had no need to learn to fight, other than basic defense of course. His reasoning was that the Don had no business  doing the work that his, (or her in Serena's case,) underlings could easily take care of.
"The boss does not do the dirty work." Basil Lunar had always said.
Whenever he said that, there was this feeling of amusement at his naivety. It was as though she was an adult smiling down at an ignorant 5 year old who claims it rains when the angels cry. She couldn't help but feel as though a leader must be capable of offense and defense. A leader cannot depend upon others for protections. Serena knew that with such certainty she sometimes entertained the possibility that she had already experienced the consequences of relying too heavily on others.
So she found a teacher who could not speak and had him train her. Eventually she overpowered her teacher, and went on to teaching herself, always monitoring her surroundings.

Unfortunately, her five senses were not capable of discovering the recently arrived man lurking in the shadows. Adrian was the head of the Diabolus Family; a family of assassins He was contracted to kill the heiress of the Lunar family. An easy task for an assassin like himself. He had watched her using Piercing Sight, his specialist Nen ability. With it he could monitor any person he wished so long as he knew their name and had seen their face before. A picture would usually work. It was a good ability for an assassin to have. He could watch his target, learn their schedule, their strengths and their weaknesses. Though he had been observing her for a week, he had not caught sight of her training before.
A novice would have turned back and made a new plan, but not this red-eyed monster. He could sense her potential from where he stood. Key word being potential. She could be a worthy opponent someday. But that day was not this day. She clearly knew nothing of Nen. It would be a simple kill. Her could kill her with his aura alone if it wouldn't alert her family of his presence. No, he would have to kill her fast so she wouldn't raise an alarm. Ripping her still beating heart from her chest would do just fine. He would merely have to cut her finger off, preferably the one with her family ring on it.
Just as he was about to run out and dispose of the girl two years his junior, she flipped around which allowed him his first physical look at her face. She still did not see him, but that is to be expected. It is a sloppy assassin who is caught by a child who cannot even use Nen. He stopped in shock when he saw her. No longer did he see a girl in a black form fitting body suit with harsh eyes and waist length hair drawn up into a pony tail. He saw a graceful woman with hair as long as her soft emerald green floor length gown. A golden crown sat atop her head. She carried herself with authoritative grace. Her eyes were kind, revealing very little of the power rooted into her very being. He blinked, and the vision was gone. It was replaced by a swarm of memories that made both no sense and perfect sense.
His target is Alvina, his queen. His wife. Or, at least she was. Times had changed. Adrian thought that the name Serena suited her. He remembered back in the past when his name was still Iziel she chose to have body guards and merely govern her people. Clearly that was no longer the case.
Adrian stepped out of the shadows into Serena's line of sight, fully anticipating a heartfelt reunion.
"Who are you?" She demanded, flipping backwards to put distance between the assassin and herself.
Adrian felt his heart shatter. Does she not want to wake up? None of his inner pain shown on his face.

He bowed mockingly. "Adrian Diabolus, at your service. No need for you to introduce yourself, I already know who you are."
She narrowed her eyes, not letting her guard down. "Diabolus. Have you come to kill me, assassin?" Serena was well aware of the fear attached to that name. "It will not be easy."
Adrian chuckled, a deep rumbling noise that Serena refused to admit she enjoyed. "Believe me, Princess, if I wanted you dead you would be."
"What have you come here for?" Serena debated whether or not to scream.
"Don't bother screaming. Tell me, princess," Adrian began. In a flash he was behind the girl. "have you ever heard of Nen?"
Serena opened her mouth to scream at his sudden appearance, simultaneously turning to bring her dagger to his neck. It was fast, and there was a good amount of force to her attack, but Adrian was no novice.
He caught her wrist with one hand and covered her mouth with the other. Adrian leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Not bad, but I saw that coming from a mile away. You're far too slow."
That made Serena red hot with anger. Her eyes narrowed as she brought her free hand up to land a chop to the side of his neck. Adrian had not been expecting that blow. It did not cause any damage, but it shocked him into releasing her. As soon as he no longer had a hold on her, Serena put some distance between them before appraising her opponent through still narrowed eyes.
He rubbed the side of his neck for a moment before letting out a breathy chuckle. That chuckled soon turned to a full blown laugh, only serving to anger Serena further. Although she was angry, Serena knew enough to not rush an assassin.
"What are you laughing at, demon?" She demanded with a scowl.
"You surprised me." He replied with a devilish grin. Suddenly he was in front of her. What Serena couldn't know was that he had no intention of hurting her. Adrian merely wished to see her reaction.
Serena did not disappoint, responding automatically. She kicked her leg up towards his face, an attack he easily caught. That did not discourage the heiress. She brought her leg back down without losing a beat, continuing her offensive maneuvers. After a few moments of this fast paced, strangely quiet fight, Serena raised her arm up aiming to hit him on the nose with the bottom of her palm, something which would easily kill him.
Right before she did, something stopped her. This time it was  not her opponent. It was something in the back of her mind, forcing her to stop. She didn't want to kill him. Her mind, her heart, every fiber of her being was telling her not to kill him.
She was physically unable to do it. The thought made her sick.
"Tch." She made an annoyed noise before back flipping away, kicking him in the chin while doing so. Though it did throw her off balance for a moment, she still managed to land lightly.
Adrian was still shocked from the fact that she had stopped herself from killing him. That was the only reason she had managed to kick him. He fell back, though his feet never moved. He righted himself before staring at the golden eyed girl with searching eyes. She returned the stare with barely hidden curiosity. 
He was the first to turn away. Adrian chuckled, giving her a friendly wave as he walked away.
Serena finally let her guard down, wondering just what was wrong with her. She looked down, realizing she still held her dagger, yet another thing she could have killed him with. Why couldn't she do it? It's not like she hadn't killed before. What a puzzle. 
Later that day, Adrian called a meeting with the man who had hired him, along with several other important underground heads.
"Is it done?" The heir of another mafia, Alfred, asked.
Adrian stared at him for a long moment. He remembered him from his past life. Alfred's former name was Zerek. He was the man who murdered Adrian in that life. Not that he hadn't deserved to die.
"First of all, I want to thank you. Had you not formed a contract, I might not have met her." Adrian began what was sure to be a long speech.
"What?" Alfred sputtered.
"Let me make myself perfectly clear. That girl and her family are under my protection. Therefore the Diabolus family is ready and waiting to destroy anyone who makes so much as a threat against the Lunars. If I hear one whisper that the Lunars are being threatened, I will kill your children in front of you. After that you will be forced to eat their hearts. I will torture you to the brink of death, but I will not kill you. Death will be a reward, a gift. One that you will not deserve." After his little speech he dismissed everyone. "One more thing." Everyone stopped. "The Lunars will not learn of their protective state. Go."
Two days after her meeting with Adrian, Serena was in the shower. Try as she might, she could not get that man out of her head. If he was not sent to kill her, then what reason could he have had?
Why did she feel as though she had met him before? Why did that man still live when she had ample opportunity to kill him?
With these questions plaguing her mind, Serena stepped out of the shower. She wrapped one towel around herself and used a smaller one to dry out her hair.
While drying her hair she walked out of the bathroom to get dressed into the outfit she had laying on the bed.  When she made it to her bed and grabbed the top to her outfit, she suddenly felt another presence in her room. Serena turned her head and screeched. There, just coming in from the balcony, was Adrian. His eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open. His unusually pale face was crimson, which actually looked nice with his black-as-night hair. 
"Turn around you pervert!" Serena screeched when he kept staring at her.
"Right!" He squeaked, turning around.
Serena quickly got dressed in her baby blue short dress that flared a bit at the end, covered with a short golden shawl. She pulled on black leggings that went to about her mid thighs, adding black mid calf flat boots.
"You can turn around now, pervert." She said with a sigh.
"I didn't realize you were naked! I'm sorry, I should have checked first." Adrian apologized.
"What do you mean you should have checked?! You shouldn't be in my room in the first place!" She yelled. 
"Serena?" A young voice asked. "Are you ok?" 
Serena looked alarmed. "It's my little sister, Linette."
"I guess I had better get out of here." Adrian commented.
Serena wasn't sure why, but she wanted him to stay. "Oh no. You aren't leaving until I find out why you're here. Hide in the closet."
Adrian did as he was told, and Serena answered the door. A young girl of 7 years stood outside the door. She was a spitting image of Serena, except she had short hair and blue eyes.
"Yes, Linette?" She asked.
"I heard you yell. Are you ok?" The child asked, clearly concerned about her sister's safety.
"I'm fine, little sister." Serena reassured with real affection.
"What's a pervert?" Linette asked innocently.
Adrian snickered from inside the closet. Serena coughed to cover up the noise. 
"Don't say that word. You're too little to say that word."
"I'm sorry." The child put her head down.
That tugged at Serena's heartstrings. Her little sister had really done nothing wrong. "How about I teach some more about violin playing later?"
Linette's whole expression lit up instantly. "Yay! Big sister is going to teach me to play the violin!" With that, she practically tackled her sister. The elder sister chuckled and returned the hug.
"Run along now. We'll have a lesson at 7." Just like that, Serena was once again left alone with an assassin. Why did she keep doing that to herself? 
She turned around with an annoyed sigh. "What are you doing?" 
Said assassin was snooping through the heiress' desk. "Getting to know you better."
The 18 year old said nothing as she walked up to Adrian and slapped him on the back of his head.
"What did you do that for?" He whined, rubbing the back of his head. As if her half-hearted blow had actually caused him some damage.
"What do you think I did that for?! Stop looking through my stuff!" She yelled angrily. With a huff, she sat down on her bed. "What did you come here for?"
"I can't just come see you? You wound me."
"Adrian! I am being serious."
Adrian rather liked the way his name sounded when she said it. "Fine. I want to teach you about Nen."
"What is Nen?" Serena asked, puzzled.
"It's like your aura, your life energy. You can use it to physically change things in the world you currently see." Adrian explained.
"Show me." The girl demanded.
"It isn't quite that simple. You wouldn't be able to see it if I did, and if I wasn't using Zetsu right now you can guarantee I would be discovered in two seconds." He explained.
"Why wouldn't I be able to see it?" The, now curious, mob princess asked.
"The aura nodes in your eyes are not open."
All of his explaining gave Serena even more questions...and a headache. Even though she knew she shouldn't trust him, she did. It almost felt as though she was only whole when he was near, almost like she had been searching for him. She needed to be near him. This was only their second meeting, but Serena was already addicted to him.
"Teach me." She stated after a rather brief moment of contemplation. She was unwilling to separate herself from him.
Adrian grinned. Serenea didn't realize, but the addiction was mutual.
It had been 2 years since Serena had begun to learn about Nen. Her family had a tradition when a child turned 20. They basically kicked them out of the house for a year. The child had to leave their home with nothing but a small suitcase of clothes and one personal item of their choosing. They could take no money with then, and were allowed no contact with any members of their family, or the mafia community.
Serena had only been gone from her home for 4 weeks. The first thing she did was rob several defenseless rich people. The next thing she did was purchase a ticket to fly to the Republic of Padokia from Yorknew.
It isn't hard to guess where she went from there.
Serena was holding her favorite violin and wearing an elegant, medium length white dress with gold trimmings as she stepped onto the arena floor. This was her 4th fight on the 200s. She had won the other three with ease.
That's right. Serena had made her way to the Heaven's arena. She figured it would be an easy way to make money, and she was right. Unfortunately once she reached the 200th floor she learned there was no more prize money. She still had a large quantity saved, though. 
At least nen and weapons were used on this floor, so if nothing else the fights were interesting. Serena was very grateful to Adrian for teaching her.
Adrian was a name that haunted Serena's mind every day. His face...his voice...that betrayed expression...they were implanted in her mind. Her dreams were filled with him. Nothing else.
Serena didn't like to sleep.
Shaking away her rather persistent thoughts, Serena looked at her opponent, unimpressed.
He was a new fighter who had challenged her. An arrogant youth.
"I already know what you're capable of, so you might as well give up." The 16 year old taunted.
Right. He did have a slight advantage.
Serena clicked her tongue. "I'll commend you on one thing, child. You must be strong to make it to the 200s." The referee called for the match to start, but neither one of the contenders moved. "It would be a shame if I had to initiate you."
"I know about Nen. I'm an enhancer." He informed her proudly.
"First lesson. Never tell your opponent your Nen type. Until now, you had the advantage." That being said, Serena began to play the violin, using the same tune she always used to start a battle. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was sweet and innocent, a perfect way to start a ruthless fight. It was particularly well suited for this match, or at least the, "how I wonder what you are," part of it was.
As she played the song, black music notes drifted up and shifted into purposely blunt dagger, before launching at the male.
She had sent them out much slower than she usually did, and the boy knew it.
He easily dodged out of the way with an annoyed glare. "Why are you holding back on me?"
"I have no wish to harm a child." She responded.
The boy very quickly ran in front of her and landed a strong punch to her face, which sent her flying backwards. She landed harshly on the floor.
"I am no child!" He snarled.
Serena paid no mind to the referee awarding him a knockdown. 3 of the ten points he needed to win. She paid no mind to the commentator raving about how this kid was the first person to ever land a hit on her. he did, however, pay attention when the ref came over to her, asking if she could still fight.
Serena got up relatively slowly. "Of course. It didn't hurt much." She set up her violin. "You're fast, kid. Let's test that speed." She began playing Fur Elise at a faster tempo than it was meant to be played in. Once again she used magical discord. The daggers flew at him. He dodged them, obviously no longer at ease.
"And Hiruka dodges yet another dagger!" The commentator exclaimed. So that's his name. Serena thought. "This is an exciting fight. Has Serena finally met her match? He's really close now. How will Serena handle close combat? He's pulling his fist back for another attack and-" The commentator ended the sentence with a gasp.
The music changed to the opening of Beethoven's 5th Symphony; well, the violin part of it, anyway.
In front of Hiruka's hand, where his punch had landed, was a sheet of music.
Serena smirked. "I've never needed to use symphonic sheets before. What fun." The sheet music morphed around his hand while Serena tossed her bow into the ari. Using her, now free, hand Serena grabbed his fist and flipped him over her head. He landed painfully on his back. Serena caught her bow and flipped away, listening to the referee award her knockdown points As usual, she listened to the rather amusing commentator.
"This is the first time Serena's engaged in actual combat! Usually she merely pins her opponent. You saw it here first, everyone! I didn't think she was capable!"
Serena smiled as the boy got up. "A little bit surprise, I take it? I am more than capable of fighting you."
"You!" Hiruka did not finish his sentence as he ran at Serena. She dodged, but Hiruka was prepared for that. He kicked her in the face while grabbing her violin out of her hands. He crushed it with a Nen enhanced hand.
"Let's see how you do without your little toy." He taunted.
The ref awarded Hiruka a critical hit, two points.
All of a sudden, Serena's Nen aura began to seep out. It was clear that it was bloodlust.
The 16 year old used Ten with widened eyes. "A-are you okay?"
"That was a gift," Serena all but whispered. "from Adrian!" She finished with an outraged shout.
It had been a long time since Serena had given it her all. "I don't need the violin, fool." She spat. She used Requiem Bars. The music staff materialized in front of her. She ran onto it, the bar extending in front of her and dissolving behind her. She was very quickly in front of the stunned boy. In a flash she was above him.
"The music is for dramatic effect!" The music staff under her feet elongated at all four edges, as at this point she was standing on a small rectangle. It shifted into a round cage, enveloping the terrified child. All this happened far too quickly for him to react. She jumped off of the top of the cage and landed gracefully in front of him.
"Do you think it's funny to break my things?" She demanded, using musical discord on the bars. Daggers caused the boy to jump in the middle of the cage.
"To take something of mine right out of my hands?" Her eyes took on a crazed look. "How about I take one of your hands?" The boy screamed as his dominant hand was cut off by one of the daggers.
That's enough. A regal voice that was hers but wasn't said in Serena's mind. Knock him unconscious and be done with this.
The voice helped to ease the bloodlust, causing Serena to relax. She released the daggers. Just not the bars. She stared at the bars.
The bars she had sword never to use on a friend again unless their life was in danger. The bars she had used to capture Adrian. To betray her love. Her best friend. The bars made from the ability she developed specifically for the purpose of capturing him.
She snapped back to reality, realizing she needed to end this fight.
The bars dematerialized, and the boy stood there crying, clutching his arm. The reason he had chosen Serena as his first opponent was because she was the least likely to permanently injure him. He regretted that choice now.
"Good night." Serena stated with a friendly smile. With that, she punched him in the face with all the forces she could muster. She won by a knockout.
"Serena! That was brutal! Tell me, what was different about this fight?" One reporter asked her.
"He was stronger. And he broke my violin." She muttered.
"How do you feel about having trouble defeating such a young opponent?" Another inquired.
"Age has little to nothing to do with Nen ability. Or strength for that matter. Even a novice knows that." Serena deadpanned.
"Who is Adrian?"
"Don't ask about him! He isn't important anymore." She snapped, leaving the reporters behind.
As she was standing outside, she overheard two people talking about the Hunter's Exam.
Serena didn't know what it was, but it was suppose to be difficult. Maybe she could use it to test her strength. She was beginning to feel the effects of boredom here anyway. She would have to check this "Hunter's Exam" out.
Adrian sat in his cell, grinning as he watched the fight. "You've certainly gotten stronger, Serena." Talking to himself had helped keep him sane. Trick Tower was not the most welcoming of prisons. "It's good to know you still care. A shame you still don't remember me. Don't worry. We'll be meeting again soon."
MiM Series: Hunter x Hunter: Adrian x Serena
Disclaimer- Hunter x Hunter is not mine, obviously. The MiM Series is mine. The characters mentioned with the exception of Nen are mine. The plot is mine. The locations mentioned are not mine.

No, this has no relation to the Sixth Guardian. None what-so-ever. The MiM Series is far too elaborate to explain here, but it is my wip book series. 
I know what you're thinking. More excuses. But this isn't an excuse. The reason why I haven't updated the Sixth Guardian is because I was going to finish it all and then post the rest of the story all at once, because I honestly hate it.
But my cat, Boobear just died and he's been around for 15 years,  which is longer than I can remember as I am only 16. I lost my baby brother, or at least that's how I see it.
So I won't be finishing the story. I might pick it up another day, but that day won't be anytime soon because if I would just give it an angsty depressing ending. Unless you want everyone to die. I'm sorry guys. I really truly am and it's ok if you unwatch me because I'll be taking a break from writing anything for a while.

How would I describe this?

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